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About Us


what we do

we transform existing head bands in unique art pieces for you, we convert starting material in unique, customized hair and headbands. If you don't like customized, we think for you and create something new! We think of new themes, material, shapes, colors everyday and offer you the end result as unique headbands, barrettes, hair clips, necklaces,cuffs, bracelets and chockers so far.


what we use

the basic materials such as plastic, metal, wire we use are given in the headbands, barrettes and hair ties to start with. We are adding exiting materials like fabric, yarn, beads, rubber ducks (yes, really), dice, buttons, rocks, feathers and much more to it to create a new piece of an everyday item that doubles as an art piece for you to use and enjoy...


where to find our products

You can find us at various markets, the linked calendar tells you when!

AND our Etsy store is open! 


No upcoming events.

product line


Head bands

Our head bands are all handmade, we cover the usual plastic band that you can get and create something new. The outcome is always different because of the starting point as well. We have Cat ears, Bunny ears, Rabbit ears, crowns,ribbons and Unicorn cat ears as plastic starter. There is this huge variety of "plain" band, varying in width, pattern and character.


hair ties and barrettes

the choice of different barrettes may be not as huge as headbands, but the range of product you can reach with a little fantasie is huge. Be surprised and amazed what we can do with simple barrettes. And as always, customizing is an option, for Birthdays, weddings or geeky themes!



the newest child in our product line is born from the fact that not everybody has the hair or the urge to wear headbands!!! But how to display your latest dice or shiny "diamond"? Necklaces are the answer!


different themes of our products

it is hard to categorize our handmade art ,but there are different themes throughout, the biggest catagorie remain the " because it is beautiful" one...We make head bands with

dice and art related to D&D

class colored headbands related to the Wizard world, steampunk

windmills, fairies and rubber duckies. In our hair bands we put

animal beads like owls, pandas, tukans and elephants

flower with and without power

the list goes on and on, enough for you to discover some on your own!

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